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3D Real Estate Listings – The New Norm?

Would you have ever thought photos and floor-plans might one day become obsolete? Real estate videos, aerial drones and project visualisations have all been adopted over recent years to give agents the competitive edge. Now 3D scanners have also opened avenues for vendors and buyers to experience property in new and exciting ways.

3D SCANNING is a new approach that has already taken the US market by storm by engaging more buyers and ultimately winning more listings. The interactive link gives potential clients access to a tangible product that they can interact with at their leisure. This leads to an exceptional level of engagement and more views per listing than the standard media can provide in the same level of detail.

3D scanners give potential buyers a first-hand experience by allowing them to immerse themselves in a property with a few clicks of the mouse or a swipe of the screen. To break it down simply, the new 3D technology scans a house room by room to create a virtual walk-through of the property. The 3D tour is uploaded online and enables anyone to view the listing from their desktop or mobile browser via the provided link. Within seconds, viewers can switch from a real-life view of the floor-plan and drop into any room to explore the property from front to back.

3D scanning provides the most realistic way to experience a property online. The interactive pathways mean the viewer is in the driver’s seat; parents can now determine the view from the kitchen to the lounge or back yard to keep an eye on the kids, while international buyers can walk through a property as if they were experiencing it first-hand. The perceived risk and doubts as to hidden faults in 2D floor-plans and photos may one day be erased, as 3D scanners will no doubt work toward providing an unequalled level of buyer confidence.

A key benefit for your future prospects is the convenience that 3D scans bring. The rushed chaos of Saturday open homes means your buyers are restricted by imposed time limits on each property, but a 3D rendering allows a potential buyer to fly through the space with full control in a first-person perspective. Vendors are granted the freedom to spend as long as they want exploring the property to truly appreciate its features and visualise their own furniture in those spaces.

With unparalleled efficiency, the scanner calculates interior dimensions with pinpoint accuracy while simultaneously capturing the objects, colours and textures of every room. In just under an hour, a 3D model of the scan is produced. The scans are exact to the inch (metric update is coming soon), meaning a vendor has the ability to pinpoint any measurement in the entire property. Effortlessly clicking from point to point will give an instant reading. There will be no more need for follow-up inspections, fumbling with a tape to check whether a buyer’s furniture will fit in the space.

One of the challenges many agents experience in listing and selling houses is time management. Maximising every minute of the day is what helps to separate a good agent from an outstanding one. There is a never-ending list of calls to make, emails to answer and new leads to chase, but by dealing with more qualified buyers at open homes these lists can be effectively cut down to interested parties who will not be wasting your time.

In an increasingly digital age where advancements are almost a daily occurrence, there is increasing demand by potential buyers and sellers for better information to be delivered more efficiently. 3D scanners are already making a huge impact with vendors, but the possibilities are yet to be fully realised; for example, these scans are even being used in real estate videos with the X-ray effects of external video footage transitioning into internal 3D.

The question is: are you ready to embrace the new virtual real estate world?

This article was first published on Elite Agent.

Janeece Keller3D Real Estate Listings – The New Norm?