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Glenn Curran | Leading the Charge

Recently, Glenn Curran of Curran Property sat down with Elite Agent to chat about his success in the realm of residential Real Estate. The following is an extract from the original article, Glenn Curran: Leading the Charge.

Evolution of the company strategy and a goal to continually innovate are also factors in Curran’s success in the past two years. Curran is passionate about technology as a way of both improving the sales cycle and achieving better marketing outcomes for his clients’ properties; particularly the use of Agentbox CRM, the new Homepass App and Third Floor 3D.

“I think one of the great things about being an independent is that we have an ability to implement and act on things quickly,” he says, “and we were probably one of the first independents to adopt Homepass. We’ve had that and used it for about six months already; we’ve found the technology to be very beneficial as it helps our agents capture data of people viewing the open homes.”

Third Floor 3D (driven by Matterport technology) is more recent, and allows potential buyers to view a 3D version of the property online before attending an open for inspection. “[Buyers] can form an opinion on that property and take a decision to actively pursue, rather than just coming into ten different properties on a Saturday cold. They are better able to shortlist after taking a 3D tour.”

But in addition to the 3D technology, Curran is still an advocate of using traditional video.

“Video is very impactful. It’s a great way to showcase key elements of the property, the surrounding area, the locale, and tying it in with the audience you’re trying to capture, or who you’re going after for that particular style of property; also tying it back into your photographs, to your key statements and to your property copy so it all binds together.

“[3D technology] has the potential to take over video for property tours though, and that’s why we’ve adopted it. But I think the uptake on technology can be slow within the real estate industry, so it’s not something that’s going to happen overnight. It takes a long time for new technology to become the norm. We experiment with new technology, and then we test and adjust to see how that new product or service has benefitted an individual sale for a particular property. Then, if successful, we look at the wider implementation and expansion of that.”

Curran also says that measuring the impact of each facet of digital marketing is also important: delving deep into the analytics, seeing where people are going on the website, how long they’re watching videos – and being able to tell what is working or not based on people’s interaction with your website.


Janeece KellerGlenn Curran | Leading the Charge