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Glenn Curran | Leading the Charge

Recently, Glenn Curran of Curran Property sat down with Elite Agent to chat about his success in the realm of residential Real Estate. The following is an extract from the original article, Glenn Curran: Leading the Charge. Evolution of the company strategy and a goal to continually innovate are also factors in Curran’s success in

Transforming the Traditional Open House

It seems like everything these days is ‘going online’ and the real estate industry has caught the bug, transforming the traditional open house into an immersive, digital experience. Sellers are selecting agents who provide more than image galleries, 360º panoramas and fly-through videos. They want an agent who can create an emotional connection with their

3D Real Estate Listings – The New Norm?

Would you have ever thought photos and floor-plans might one day become obsolete? Real estate videos, aerial drones and project visualisations have all been adopted over recent years to give agents the competitive edge. Now 3D scanners have also opened avenues for vendors and buyers to experience property in new and exciting ways. 3D SCANNING

How Virtual Reality will change our lives

According to The Telegraph, 2016 will be the year of virtual reality. The article explores how our lives will change in 2016 in four key areas; healthcare, architecture, journalism and defence. Get the full rundown here.     

Could 3D virtual tours replace the old-school open house?

IMAGINE inspecting a house in your PJs while eating cereal at 1am. No traffic turmoil, or fellow house-hunters staring you down and no agent there to quiz you. Real estate agent Alex Phillis of Ray White Broadbeach said thanks to 3D virtual tours, potential buyers can view a property at anytime on a desktop and

NASA uses VR to control their robots with the help of Sony

NASA has joined forces with Sony to research how Virtual Reality might be used to train operators in controlling robots for space deployment. NASA is currently exploring ways of using humanoid robots. This form of technology is appealing due to their flexibility and ability to mirror human form and dexterity. Whilst they have executed the

The GoPro for Virtual Reality

French start-up Giroptic has recently raised $4.5 million in seed funding for its new and exciting camera. The device includes three cameras that will give users a full 360 degree view. It will record stills, time-lapse videos and real-time videos. Giroptic had previously raised 1.4 million via a campaign on crowd funding site Kickstarter. It

A VC firm to fund only AR & VR

It is predicted that by 2020, the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) industry will be worth a cool U.S 150 billion.  A venture capital firm has emerged out of San Francisco that will be entirely devoted to start ups that specialise in AR and VR. Presence Capital has been founded by Phil Chen,

The Lion King Broadway goes 3D

It’s the circle of life in 360 degrees and it moves us all. Disney theatrical productions have created a 360 degree immersive video of the opening scene of The Lion KIng. Take a look for yourself below in full screen.

Insides Joel Maddens House

Joel Madden, member of band Good Charlotte and newly wed to Cameron Diaz has recently listed his bachelor pad in the Nicholas Canyon area of the Hollywood Hills. The 1950’s ranch-style, one storey home is asking for $1.495 million. It includes three bedrooms and three bathrooms. Since it was purchased in 2013, Madden has made