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Glenn Curran: Leading the Charge

Elite Agent Magazine (19 February 2016)

ONCE A MEMBER OF AUSTRALIA’S military elite, Glenn Curran now operates his own business, Curran Property, selling prestige homes in and around the Lower North Shore of Sydney. Drawing on lessons learned while in the Army both here and overseas, and making good use of technology, Curran has been super-successful in attracting and closing complex deals with foreign buyers. With an outside the box approach to recruitment of staff and a willingness to try new things, he provides a great example of someone who is leading the charge in innovation and growth.

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Transforming the Traditional Open House 

Elite Agent Magazine Australia (12 February 2016)

It seems like everything these days is ‘going online’ and the real estate industry has caught the bug, transforming the traditional open house into an immersive, digital experience.

Sellers are selecting agents who provide more than image galleries, 360º panoramas and fly-through videos. They want an agent who can create an emotional connection with their property, by letting buyers get a real ‘feel’ for the space.

Creating a 3D showcase helps buyers engage with the property in their own time and at their own pace, stopping when and where they want to explore the space from many different angles.

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Third Floor 3D Revolutionizes Online Real Estate “Walkthrough” Experience

New Land Magazine Sydney (October 1, 2015)

“One of Australia’s most innovative technology firms, The Third Floor, is the first to market with a brand new 3D cloud marketing platform, which will take the local real estate industry by storm.

Third Floor 3D (thirdfloor3D.com) is a premium, cloud-based real estate marketing tool designed to make selling a property, a virtual, 24/7 experience.

“By putting the traditional open house into a 3D online world, Third Floor 3D allows real estate agents to present their client’s property for sale in the best possible light,” said Luke Maddison, Head of Business Development, The Third Floor…”

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